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On this web site you will find resources related to low-carb/high-fat diets. Right now, it’s just a running list of videos. At some point, we’ll organize them by topic and flag new entries.

You can also see photos of the meals we eat. The photos aren’t stylized. In fact, you will see that Silvia and I use the same tablecloth for most meals! And it’s not always as clean as it could be… These are the meals we eat, shot just before we eat them (sometimes, I’ve already started eating before remembering to take the photo).

Those joining the site from the USA might not recognize some of the dishes Silvia and I eat. We eat some traditional dishes from the Piedmont region of Italy. Evan, however, lives in Minneapolis and eats food that should be more familiar to Americans.

We are also building our FAQ section–so if you have a question, send us a message using the form below. If we get many people asking the same question, we’ll make a generic version of it and feature it there.

Finally, there are links to where you can buy the book or eBook–in case you don’t have it already. But don’t worry, you are welcome here whether you buy the book or not.

Good luck on your journey to becoming and staying lean!


NOTE:  The information and opinions contained on this web site are not intended to represent the medical advice of physicians.  The information this web site contains is meant to give you information so you can make informed decisions about the food you eat.  Before utilizing the dietary information presented here, you should consult your doctor.  It is especially critical that you discuss this information with your doctor if you are on any medication for a chronic illness such as diabetes or epilepsy, or if you need to take insulin, other diabetes medication(s) or diuretics because changing your diet could require a change in dosage of your medication.

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